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tv   Headline News  RT  August 7, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the united nations sells r.t. it's investigating reports that kurdish civilians have been massacred by rebels in syria this as well qaeda linked groups their push to create a breakaway islamic state. the japanese government is forced to step in and help the operator of the crippled fukushima power plant container recently revealed massive leak of radioactive water. plus. london reaches for the scalpel as the u.k.'s national health service comes under scrutiny following a series of malpractise scandals. it
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is five pm in moscow you're watching our team with me marina joshie welcome to the program now the united nations has launched an investigation into the reported slaughter of kurdish civilians by al-qaeda affiliated groups in syria that comes from a comment made by the un to r.t. four hundred fifty kurds most of them women and children were allegedly killed in the north east of the country has the details. according to various reports at least four hundred fifty people have been killed by the on their front in north eastern syria reports say that at least one hundred twenty of those are children now we have requested information from the united nations in regards to the situation we have received their response according to the united nations they their team is in the region investigating these reports which haven't been confirmed as a few odds and should this in fact be confirmed to be true then the united nations are saying that this amounts to
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a war crime and that probably should provide some sort of stimulation to the international community to act quicker when it comes to syria and the situation which seems to be spiraling out of control and that is exactly what russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said when he urged the international community to come together and solve this issue a stand in syria we believe that in this action in this me we were shocked by the reports of around four hundred fifty kurds massacred in the north of syria's including children just because the men were fighting against and it's not the first such report of the un security council all these terrorist attacks we've seen some of its members refusing to condemn terrorist attacks in syria justifying it with the fact that the people behind them are fighting against the have stated regime this stance is totally unacceptable terrorism should be treated without double standards in fact we have spoken to a number of a number of people whose relatives are in the region and they have described the carnage and horrifying details let's have a listen. another rebel force surrounded they started going from door to door in
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every house if there were any men they kill them and took women and children hostage the rebels came into the house of my cousin she was at home so they murdered took the women and children and. one of the reasons why people are saying that kurds come under such harsh attacks from the front and the groups such as they are as our front is because they have been. quite successful in pushing the extremists out of this region where unfortunately al qaeda is also dreaming of establishing its own state of waiting for syria to essentially disintegrate and also kurds are saying that they are not even if they are not trying to pursue the dream of their own state who today at least would love to live in the country in the states and in that region where peace would prevail so definitely the situation doesn't seem to get any better only seems to get worse and of course there has been encouraged from russia to for the international community to pay closer attention
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and step up peaceful efforts in the region while the ongoing civil war has created deep splits within the country raising concerns over whether syria can ever be pieced back together the syrian government is keeping its grip on a large area of the country south which is hardline the president says minority alawite sect and meanwhile the rebels most of them from the sunni muslim majority are in control of a large swathe of northern provinces stretching to the rocky border in the east are mainly al qaeda affiliated groups among the ranks of the opposition with serious kurdish minority scattered along the country's northern border the eastern part enjoying a large degree of independence but other enclaves have become the targets of deadly attacks and mass kidnappings fighters who kurds claim are trying to carry out ethnic cleansing and this comes amid reports of an independent state about to be declared in northern syria but according to german report
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a man will writer who is closely following the syrian conflict allegations of a kurdish genocide are likely to be met with international silence. i don't expect any international reaction except. protests to right now i don't think so because they are international interests especially the international the geopolitical interests of turkey was a very important nato member we shouldn't forget that nato troops also german troops are now at the turkish syrian border with patriot rocket systems heading against syria so we have turkey on the site and as long turkey place this important role in this conflict i don't think that there will be any serious international reaction a former member stated that the leader of the most or a front is the verb king or working close with the cia and we have other information from the kurdish popular defense units who claim that the front
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is also organized and supported by the turkish intelligence and i think this is not a coincidence when we know how the kurds are treated in turkey itself well and news just in here on our t.v. president obama is canceling his meeting with president putin next month we'll get you more on this as we get. well and we're also closely following the developments in the wake of those horrific attacks on kurds in syria so stay with us for the latest on that plus still to come later this hour here in our team. sort of interact with them let's look at them as humans not talk but that's not speak to. a former guard at guantanamo bay prison reveals details of the mistreatment of detainees at a facility where the mass hunger strike they are expected to resume in full force.
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and the japanese prime minister has ordered the government to step in and help contain ongoing radiation leaks from the fukushima power plant tepco the company that runs the facility that was crippled in the twenty eleven tsunami and earthquake has been unable to prevent contaminated groundwater from breaching a barrier and pouring into the ocean well let's get the reaction from nuclear energy expert malcolm grimston who joins us live from london on this so why has the plans operator of failed to contain the leak in your opinion. so that's the natural flow of groundwater from the hills around fukushima towards the sea which has reached the plant which is mixing with radioactive water that is being used to cool the damaged reactors and the danger then there is that that makes water come sinews its passage towards the sea it's actually quite a challenging job given the amount of water we're talking about to prevent that they did manage to build an effective under an underground wall which has been
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contained in most of this water for the last two years but that the amounts of water now beginning to come over the top of that wall and that's what's beginning to come down to the sea. we don't know at the moment how much the material is it's unlikely to be connected within the health problem but nonetheless clearly it's not a good thing the radioactive material should be leaking into the sea why is it just mentioned it is a complex operation era but it's also estimated that the cleanup effort may take up to forty years why so long. well indeed i mean firstly because we're still learning and we will be learning for some time what actually happened in the plants and until it's very clear about for example how much fuel melted where that fuel is now then they will be able to start designing a long term. approach to those sorts of challenges so it will take a long time to put this right decades i think is the right is the right sort of estimate that's a very different thing from saying that the plant will represent
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a major threat for decades i don't think that's the case but in bringing the area back to family incomes i mean a ground at the moment is simply not enough knowledge to know how big the tarski let alone to be starting to design some of the response to it and what about the long term effects of the radiation for japan and the neighboring countries. well in health terms it's very unlikely that anybody is going to suffer any direct health effect from most human both because the levels compared to natural levels of radioactivity are pretty low and also because some quite effective counter measures have been taken people were given tablets to prevent short term effects that the main long term effect will be a decision being taken over what level of come time a nation is acceptable not acceptable which is what will take the time but i think certainly even after the build the number of direct deaths associated with that
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accident is still actually only in the few ten approaching a hundred but no more than that and then the longer term issues there will be very minor compared to the numbers of cancers and other effects in the population at large. while the pan is asia's second economy so how has the fukushima disaster affected tokyo standing. well in a very many ways it has been extremely serious for one thing japan even before figure she was a very major energy import it's now having to import even more liquid natural gas to take the place of its nuclear output that's expensive greenhouse gas emissions are going through the roof in spades breaching all of its own greenhouse gas targets because of course nuclear power doesn't contribute to climate change but the alternatives do and they're also facing power shortages they've had to reduce power use very dramatic dramatically over things such as conditioning now that in
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itself has health effects and so there is a vigorous debate about bringing back online some of the existing nuclear power stations but japan is an island without its own natural resources and egypt has always been a massive challenge for japan quite apart from what i think is very clear is that the regulator restructure and some of its major companies to be were not up to the job and indeed in some cases i think what quite clearly behaving dishonestly. all right malcolm grimston thank you so much for talking us through this matter of life from london that was nuclear energy expert malcolm winston talking to me on our team and breaking news on r.t.e. barack obama well not a tan the upcoming one on one with russia's president vladimir putin is following moscow granting temporary refuge to the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden we will bring you more on this of course as we get it here on r.t.
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now in the meantime in iran the new president has been setting out his stirrups for future negotiations with the west to ron's nuclear program a son rouhani proposed direct talks with washington at his first news conference since being sworn in arches lanes of france has the details. iran's new president hassan rouhani has called for dialogue with the west but warned the language of sanctions will not work he won june's a vote by promising to put an end to the country's international isolation over its nuclear energy program rouhani made his stance clear in his inaugural address. i see this kind of if you seek a suitable answer speak to a few language of respect not through the language of sanctions so iran's president has extended an olive branch and what have we seen from western countries so far new sanctions had to be imposed just a few days before the president was sworn in the u.s. house of representatives overwhelmingly passed new restrictions on iran's oil
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sector and its mining and construction industries even though invited some western leaders didn't even attend the president's inauguration some say it was an opportunity missed to break the ice there is a new president what does that signal a new approach every action is sure to be analyzed and gesture evaluated while with a new round of talks expected between iran and the international community we spoke to hillary mann leverett who was a u.s. diplomat involved in negotiations with a country during george w. bush's administration she thinks washington won't change its tune. it's hard to see how they were they could meet in the middle of the two key issues or the islamic republic of iran that i think are ensconced in international law or that the united states recognize its sovereign right and its treaty right to enrich uranium that's something that the united states has shown no evidence it is willing or able to do with the the obama administration and congress the other piece that critically
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important for the islamic republic is for the united states to ease and lift at least some of its sanctions that it has imposed on the islamic republic and forced or tried to course countries from around the world to impose on the islamic republic of iraq that too will be very very difficult for president obama to leverage because many most nearly i think sixty sixty five percent of the sanctions imposed on iraq are now are now legislated are now in u.s. law president obama simply does not have the power to lift those sanctions without the acquiescence of congress there are three main areas that are problematic in washington the pro israel constituency is the neo conservative elements on the right and what i would call the liberal imperialists they don't care so much about the nuclear program but they are just set against the political structure of the islamic republic and so many of the same sions that have been pulled from washington are not just in the grip program that are there about iran's domestic politics that's going to be very difficult not to crack. if you're still to come
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here on r t is sochi ready for the world now that it's exactly six months left before the olympics kick off our correspondent had a russian city that's poised to become the world's winter sports capital and gives a brand new van is a once a work. well . it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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released be cool language. will programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about seventy odd p. interviews intriguing stories for you. then try. to find out more because it. i. welcome back you're watching are to coming to you live from moscow and we begin with breaking news barack obama has canceled a planned one of one meeting with russia's president vladimir putin do next month while we have been off here in the studio with the details thank you for joining us
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so how does the white house explain this announcement have we heard anything from them yet well the speculation about this has been going on for quite some time now and pretty much ever since russia granted temporary asylum to edward snowden on the first of august this is when we received these rumors at first that the u.s. president may not actually have a one on one meeting a separate meeting with president putin days announcement is not exactly a bolt out of the blue now now it's confirmed now. so it was sort of expected but i guess everybody was still hoping that this was just political announcements and it will still be held about what is going to russia for the g. twenty summit due to take place in st petersburg but he's not going to actually visit moscow and they're not going to have a separate meeting one on one with president putin that's important to clarify because there were some sources saying that he's not actually going to attend the summit but he is then right well we've heard before from senior russian diplomats
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who commented on the whole situation around edward snowden and they said that this although it is a big problem now in the relations between washington they don't see it as a big enough problem for the u.s. president not to even come to russia at all so obviously he's still coming to take part in the g. twenty but when it comes to the one on one meeting with the president apparently is not going to happen there was a very strong reaction from washington when moscow did grant asylum to edward snowden this very sensitive issue for the u.s. so these are the consequences which are which we are witnessing now. ok so we are we're seeing a bit of cooling off in relations between the u.s. and russia and of course we are closely monitoring the situation as we say and we'll be bringing you more information as we get it here on r.t. gore for now thank you so much for explaining the situation to us. now to other stories here in r.t. the u.k.'s health service is under fire from
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a government sponsored report which has called for sweeping changes to the system the pro was ordered by a london after a series of malpractise scandals at hospitals under a new n.h.s. plans medical staff could be prosecuted for reckless or willful neglect of patients artist boy boy who examines the problem. it was meant to be a routine operation to remove her varicose veins but after a surgical blunder lorraine previn suffered from complications that were left untreated she ended up having her leg amputated. you know and didn't want to do next basically a lot just seemed to fall between. the gap thing that was going on this is the hospital where lorraine's routine operation went wrong and why she had to have her leg amputated as a result three years later and she's finally got an apology from grantham hospital but she still fighting for compensation with the n.h.s.
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over the catalogue of errors that took place with her care trying to get answers after the surgery merely added insult to injury put a complaint in three ospital and claimed the said. medical files it was just. play on are still going to wall the questions are always ask and lorraine isn't the only patient to receive substandard care from the national health service over recent years has drawn a bow it was left with excruciating pain bladder operation only to discover three months later that doctors had left seven inch forceps inside her the n.h.s. schools such incidents never events blunders deemed so serious that they should never happen to freedom of information requests have revealed that over the past four years there have been seven hundred and sixty two such mistakes we measure patient satisfaction every every year i suspect at the moment it probably is pretty
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low i came into the n.h.s. in one nine hundred seventy seven and i was told i only had five years to last because it was on its knees every year that i spent in it it was the worst it ever been i think it's in a crisis i think it has to change its culture recent scandals have exposed higher than average death rates in failing. spittles not just myself but my colleagues also higher management you know we're just more stressed now and we have a lot of pressures to complete things on time and you know we're not being able to deliver the care that we want to swap patients it's probably quite the best effects remember so well n.h.s. staff talk about being overstretched hospital managers of blaming the problems on squeezed budgets a senior n.h.s. official recently said that they're about to run out of cash in a very serious fashion all the countries in europe by and large spend a lot more money on health care than we did recent report by our recent run. as one of the lowest in terms of patients we're paying too much or too little care the
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rain is adjusting to life as an amputee she now has to rely on her husband to care for her it was a run to shock. i think something larissa locked into so. but when it actually happens to you personally you feel down you feel lying we open it and it was just a mixture of all rolled into world and it was just devastating it's nothing she now says that she can only hope that no more patients have to go through what she did. r.t. london. so head to our web site r.t.l. com for some fascinating stories you want to see on airing quoting the journalist who broke the story on notice and he's got tens of thousands more documents to reveal from the agency's closet. and the russian mob that's been shocking the world with its relentless spamming is making a sharp budget u.
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turn find out why the purse strings has been pulled on line here in r.t. . it's exactly six months till the olympic flame is lit in sochi for the twenty fourteen winter games critics have long been there to question if there is the word city's god what it takes to become the capital of winter sports for two weeks our very own martin andrews headed there to check up on the preparations. ok i'm not too bad but i think it's best to leave it to the professionals when they arrive next year insult you for the winter olympics twenty fourteen the countdown is getting lower the olympic park with its brand new arenas is almost ready and in february next year many of the world's top athletes will compete against each other right here at the skating palace. it's the first time since nine hundred eighty that russia has hosted such an event and with an estimated three billion viewers
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russia will be in the spotlight once again when all the construction is finished such will boast some of the best and technologically advanced sporting facilities in the world although with many cynics tells of corruption local opposition and concerns with overspending is such ready well the proof as they say is in the putting. the finishing touches are being added now and the amount of work that has been done in the city is huge for the whole area is being improved and made more comfortable. with new pedestrian it was an underground passage being constructed the city has got a completely new now with its newly built and very beautiful and there cannot be any doubt that everything will be on time to. slowly and surely each piece of the jigsaw is coming together another example is this next stadium. the ball
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sure i stone sits twelve thousand people as you can see well it's an impressive stadium it's unusual ready various competitions i mean stage here over the past few months and you're in the olympics ice hockey and after that it can be transformed to more accommodate a plethora of other sporting activities ranging from basketball to boxing. the mounting cost of course that and the residue to results will host the biathlon and ski center and there will be a freestyle skiing and snowboarding park. the two parks are to be connected by a forty eight kilometer highway as well as a high speed train that will run every five minutes and transport tens of thousands a day once they reach the mountains placed by train passengers will take one of several new cable cars up to the ski resorts and olympic competition venues. the winter olympics is only the beginning for the whole area after the main event early next year sort she will set about hosting twenty two international sports
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events ranging from the grand prix of figure skating to the formula one next november. the olympics sign here at the new the build airports represents what the entire occasion is for us to gether i'm brings out the best in people and sporting events and politics aside as the whole world focuses its attention on salty and the surrounding area the final preparations we put into place and what promises to be for the greatest sporting events held and after my trip here i can confidently say that the winter olympics twenty fourteen will be one to remember martha boundaries . and here's a reminder of our developing story here on r t barack obama has cancelled a one to one was russia's president vladimir putin that was scheduled for next month the white house claims the decision was prompted by moscow granting temporary refuge to the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden obama is still planning to attend the g.
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twenty economic summit in st petersburg and september well we'll be bringing you more details on this next hour here in r.t. distain with us and up next we'll take you to south a city as it continues to rebuild exactly five years after it came under attack from the georgian army. there's a medium leave us so we leave the baby. by the sea potion securely play your party there's a ball in pushes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our team. choose your language. call it week over though in federal court today still some of us. choose the fumes the concerns get. to
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the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories get into a good life choose me access to office. he is indeed.
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news my name is natalia. yet i'm russian my husband loves us if it's a said. we came here to south his thirtieth from russia with who he is it's been four years since we moved here i don't regret a. leak . to force any way the city of sin ball was devastated by the two thousand eight hundred . there was debris everywhere you looked there were burnt trees and. it was a horrible sight. among .


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